Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunday In Suburbia: The {New} Dining Room Chandy

So, I'm about half done with 5 other projects...I really need to focus in on something, but it's juggling 10 minutes of free time here and there, so it's hard to make real progress.

I knew updating the dining room chandelier would be at the top of the list before we even bought the house.  It was just not my taste.  I like oil-rubbed bronze in some places, but it was not going to work with my formal dining room concept.  Of course buying new would be the easy solution, but I have other more important things to spend $250 on.  Enter spray paint project 1 of 423.

A few coats of white glossy spray paint along with removing the horrid mauve toned glass shades made quite the difference.  Long term I would love Edison lamps in this fixutre, but the ones I want are $9 each.  $9x5=$45, and I'm not spending that just on 5 light bulbs right now.  Plus, the candelabra lamps are growing on me.

Here is the dining room before we moved in:

Dining Room Before

Dining Room Before: View From Stairs
We are not done, but it may be a while before I spend the money on a buffet and new upholstered chairs.  But here's the "progress".  It's funny to me that I was the most unsure about the paint color here, and everyone that has come to my house has loved this color.  I'm really happy with it, too!  It's about 80% Sherwin Williams "Interesting Aqua" and 20% Martha Stewart "Flagstone" reduced to 50% intensity.  I am still contemplating painting the oak banister and railing to white.  I know the look would be right, but paint does not typically hold up as well as stain, and the railing gets all the abuse!  If you can notice - I painted the wall mounted railing half way up the stairs.  Like about 5 other things around the house, I'm going to live with it a little while and see what I think before proceeding.

Dining Room Progress
Dining Room Progress: View From Stairs

Friday, August 3, 2012

Faithful Fridays: Let Us Learn from Josiah

Our nation is long overdue for a Josiah-like moment.

If you are not a Christian, and don't care to read anything about the subject feel free to disregard this post as my frustration is not towards you.  For those who are "carnal Christians" and those who profess to be a Christian, but do not actual possess faith, then you will not like this post.  More on that here: Four Kinds of People  

Okay.  So for the few people who are left to read this...